"...vaccines are actually a weapon of mass destruction, people..." - Dr. Rebecca Carley

"O!  What a noble mind is here o'erthrown!"      Hamlet

Never get Sick Again!
by Markus Rothkranz

Fighting Radiation Naturally 9 pgs
Detoxify 1 pg
Detox Protocols 8 pgs
Radiation Toxicity Antidotes 75 pgs
Healing After Radiation Exposure 69-74

Dr. Rauni Kilde - July, 2009

Vaccine Zombie - Mike Adams
AKA The Health Ranger

The purpose of this site is to convince you NOT to take the swine flu shot or mist,
indeed, any vaccines whatsoever ever again.

To encourage you to resist any mandatory vaccination decree (program/edict/policy/etc...).

~ welcome to swine eleven and the flu world order ~
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Pharmageddon: Swine Flu, the Bio-weapon Vaccine
Dr. Carley's 10/17/09 radio broadcast with Jane Burgermeister

U.S. government panel now pushing "vaccinations for all!" No exceptions…

Why the Swine Flu Vaccine(s) and All Vaccines are Illegal under International Law - by Gerald Hernesmaa - A 5-page well-researched article quoting credentialed authorities and agencies

This site was last updated April 26, 2014

     The information below has been assembled in an effort to reach high school and junior high teenagers, and all parents, to refuse the swine flu vaccine and mist.  

Please warn--provide info--to students and parents.

     Printing and giving away the print-ready articles and reports is succeeding in convincing some people not to receive, or allow their children to receive, toxic vaccines.   (all vaccines are toxic)   Burning videos and giving them away is even better.

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www.thinktwice.com http://canadiansforhealthfreedom.wordpress.com

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~ the autism/mercury connection - new videos (Buttar, Pangborn, Carley) - cure autism ~

Teen Videos
Courageous 911-truther Teenager Robert Wanek
Robert made videos about how he was assaulted by a teacher and detained by the authorities for peacefully handing out flyers at school to classmates in line for the flu shot, many of whom read the flyers and left the line. Those great videos, which included testimony from teens who witnessed the event, disappear and reappear on youtube. Robert is the youngest vaccine activist I know of, and a great example for other teenagers.

Robert Wanek's latest video
A Cry For Help From A Political Prisoner

The Shocking Truth About Public Schools

Goodbye To My Former School Prison Center

Releasing all my Stress in 2 Minutes

Lamestream Media Attempts To Push H1N1 Vaccine

Teen Activists Cover H1N1 Vaccine Clinic For Pregnant Women

Robert Wanek Speech in New York City

- Gardasil Vaccine Victims -

The Gabrielle Swank Story (2 videos)
Gardasil - The Damage is Done:
From a Best Friend's View

Update on Gabby Swank

Gardasil First Hand!

Gardasil Victim Speaks Out After 2 Years

Ashley Ryburn's life ruined by HPV (Gardasil) vaccine

~ end of teen videos ~

Gardasil Follow-up

Doctor Admits Vaccine is More Deadly
than Swine Flu Itself & Will Not Give it to His Kids

- Direct Link News Reports -
Hospitalization and Death of 8-year-old
One Week after Flu Shot

Deputies Hold Down and Force Vaccinate Boy
Who Fled Flu Shot

Virginia Teen Suffers Rare Illness Within Hours after
Swine Flu Shot
- (see video above...H1N1 Victim...)

Case of Crippling Illness Linked to Swine Flu
Vaccination in France

Pregnant Women Miscarry Within Hours after Receiving
Flu and Swine Flu Vaccines

70 Heart-breaking Stories from People who have had their Lives Destroyed by H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Side Effects

Unknown Virus is Killing People in Ukraine

Ukraine Flu Outbreak: Virus Is a Mixture of H1N1 and
Parainfluenza, Causes Cardiopulmonary Failure

Medical Workers Balk at Mandatory Flu Vaccines

Many Italian Physicians Reject Swine Flu Vaccine

Canada: The Killer H1N1 Vaccine

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- Articles & Reports -
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Physician's Warranty
will your physician sign it? - 3 pages

How Independent Are Vaccine Defenders? - 1 page

Vaccine Ingredients
1 page (from Physician's Warranty)

Flu Vaccine Infects U.S. Naval Vessel, Kills Captain...
Bob Chapman - 1 page

Concerns about Dangers from Swine Flu Vaccine Grow
1 page

1972 WHO Memos Describe Present Day
3-dose Vaccine Program
The Pandemic is Political
- 2 pages

Dr. Marc Girard

French Doctor Says Flu Vaccine
will Cause 60,000 Deaths
in France Alone

1 page

German Doctors in Open Rebellion against Swine Flu Jab
75% Of Finns Reject Swine Flu Vaccine - 1 page

German Army gives Health Ministry "Slap in the Face"
2 pages

Resistance in Poland, Luxembourg, France & Austria
against the Swine Flu Jab
- 1 page

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg      

Increased Risk of Cancer
National Emergency Declaration
Allows use of Squalene
Phoenix Firefighters Refuse Vaccine
- 1 page

More than Half of Chinese Don't Want Swine Flu Shot: Poll
2 pages

'Poisoning Attempt’ Charges Filed in France - 1 page

NY Health Care Workers Revolt CBS - 1 page

NY Nurses File Suit - 1 page

NY Judge Halts Flu Vaccine Mandate for Health Workers
1 page

2/3 French Nurses Refuse Vaccine
Threat of Martial Law Looms
- 1 page

Irish Insurance Company Warns Doctor/Clients
not to Inject Their Patients
- 1 page

Pennsylvania: HB 492
oppressive legislation pending...
- 1 page

Vaccine Resistance Movement Launches Preemptive Strike to Inform Canada’s Most Vulnerable About Vaccine Dangers
1 page

Boston Launches Flu Shot Tracking Bracelet - 1 page


Vaccines and the Military
Military Guinea Pigs

~ when you join the military, you're basically offering yourself up to be a human sacrifice ~

U.S. Soldiers - Refuse Deadly
Mandatory Anthrax Vaccine

- Flu Vaccine Victims -
H1N1 Victim Teen Athlete Crippled With
Guillain-Barre Syndrome

The Desiree Jennings Story (6 videos)
Flu Shot Permanently Disables Washington
Redskins cheerleader Desiree Jennings

Update on Washington Redskins Cheerleader
Desiree Jennings, Crippled for Life after Being Vaccinated

Celebs Reach Out to Desiree Jennings

Desiree Jennings Update 10-29-2009

Desiree Jennings' Road to Recovery
with Dr. Rashid A. Buttar

Dr. Buttar is Curing Her

Autism Treatment by Dr. Rashid A. Buttar

H1N1 Vaccine (Nasal Mist): Ataxia Side Effects

Part 2: The Vaccine-Autism Connection

Part 3: The Vaccine-Autism Connection

Part 4: The Vaccine-Autism Connection

Quarantine or 30-day Jail
for Refusing Toxic Vaccine

Health Care Workers Revolt

- Books -
The Poisoned Needle
Eleanora McBean PhD, N.D.

Swine Flu Expose

by Eleanora I. McBean

Horrors of Vaccination Exposed and Illustrated
Petition to the President to Abolish
Compulsory Vaccination in Army and Navy

by Charles Higgins, 1919

Quotes - concerning the medical conspiracy
Eleanora McBean

The Case Against Vaccination - a speech
given by Dr. Walter Hadwen - 1896 - 20 pages

The Hidden Dangers In Polio Vaccine
Eleanora McBean

Squalene, Anthrax & Mandatory Vax
Skousen, Lendman, Matsumoto - 1 page

Maine:Martial Law Alert Over H1N1 Flu
Stephen Lendman - 4 pages

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REAL experts ~ HONEST experts ~ SPECIFIC, IDENTIFIABLE experts
Deja Flu

Jane Bürgermeister - The Turning Point
WeAreChange Austria - Vienna 08/04/2010

Vaccines - The True Weapons of Mass Destruction
Part 1 of 15 - Dr. Rebecca Carley

Jane Burgermeister - September 9, 2009

Tom Jefferson Talks about Swine Flu Vaccine
and the Politics Behind It
- epidemiologist

Dr. Jon Pangborn on The Vaccine Autism Connection
- Music -
Don't Take the Swine Flu Jab

Don't Inject Me by Health Ranger

Say No to the Vaccine by NZtrillion

SwineBusters by iJustine

We Don't Want Your Swine Flu Vaccination
by Steve Phillips

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What's in a flu shot?

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